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Earn while you learn with an apprenticeship with Potential4Skills! Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to work for a real employer, earn a real salary and gain a real qualification whilst gaining valuable workplace skills and experience.

Apprenticeships help businesses grow their own talent.

Nearly every employer that takes on an apprentice (96%) reports benefits to their business.
72% of businesses report improved productivity as a result of employing an apprentice.
Other benefits reported by apprentice-employers include improved product or service, the introduction of new ideas to the organisation, improved staff morale and better staff retention, each mentioned by around two-thirds of employers.

Apprenticeships develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

Businesses that offer Apprenticeships view them as beneficial to their long-term development. According to the British Chambers of Commerce, most employ an apprentice to improve the skills base within their business.
Apprentices are supported by quality training from local training organisations.

Potential4Skills and Apprenticeships

At Potential4Skills we also recognise the value and benefit an apprentice can bring to an organisation. That is why this year we are offering apprenticeships in the following 5 key areas:

Business Administration
Customer Service
Health and Social Care

The Apprenticeships that we offer are full Apprenticeships at levels 2 and Level 3.

If you complete an apprenticeship with ourselves you will receive the support and guidance of one of our qualified assessors. The assessor will have regular visits which will be every 2-4 weeks with the apprentice and will always be available via email and telephone for support.

During the planned visits, the  assessor will carry out the following duties:

• Plan and deliver vocational training programmes and workshops
• Observe and assess candidates in their workplace
• Examine candidates’ portfolios of evidence
• Provide feedback and offer advice if the standards are not met
• Sign off the award when all the requirements have been met
• Keep records of candidates’ progress

Your allocated assessor will discuss with you all the elements of the Framework including-

Functional skills

Employer Rights and Responsibilities.

PLTS ( Personal learning and thinking skills.)


Your Apprenticeship will last for 366 days as a minimum. ( Can be longer for a level 3 qualification.)

If you feel an apprenticeship would benefit you. Please speak with your employer about the possibility of doing an apprenticeship with ourselves.

Please check the below eligibility criteria to ensure that you are eligible to complete an apprenticeship with ourselves.

If, as an employer, you are interested in securing an apprenticeship with ourselves please contact us so that we can make this a reality.

Please visit the Employed/Employers tabs for more information about the apprenticeships that we offer.

We are available on:
E-mail – info@potential4skills.co.uk
Or call us – 0845 862 2685


  • Complete an Apprenticeship and receive an Level 2 or a level 3 in your chosen career. It could be in one of the below qualifications:

    •  Level 2 or Level 3 in Business and Administration
    •  Level 2 or Level 3  in Customer Service
    •  Level 2 or Level 3 in Health and Social Care


  • Must be employed for at least a minimum of 16 hours.
    Aged 16 or over.
    Lawfully live in the UK for the last 3 years.
    Do not hold a level 4 or Level 5 qualification (Degree)


  • These Courses are available throughout Yorkshire and Merseyside. 



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